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5 Steps For Dry Cleaning Upholstery By Evergreen Carpet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Upholstery
5 Steps For Dry Cleaning Upholstery By Evergreen Carpet Cleaning

No one like to have their furniture upholstery to be stained and dirty, Right? So, are you looking for Dry Cleaning upholstery? Dirty and stained upholstery gives our guest a bad impression. You cannot explain to them how stubborn have these stains been, is it? But actually, do you know that your stain is not tough enough for upholstery cleaning services? 

If you can take some time for your upholstery, there are few steps for dry cleaning upholstery on your own as listed by our cleaning professionals. 

Step 1: Vacuum 

Firstly, vacuum your upholstery thoroughly, especially wherever you see a stain. Vacuuming will let you remove any loose dirt and dust, which would make your spot look more dirty during the further cleaning process. 

Step 2: Check Your Dry Cleaner 

By this time, it is safe to assume that you have got a dry cleaner of your choice. You need to check whether the cleaner is good for your upholstery or not. To see if there is no weird chemical reaction apply this dry cleaner on an unnoticeable area of your upholstery. 

Step 3: Read The Directions Of Dry Cleaner  

Commercial dry cleaners are slightly different because of its different manufacturing. It is recommended that you read the instructions behind the bottle before you start cleaning. Make sure you apply a very little amount of cleaner to a cloth and then blot at the spot or stain with it topically onto the upholstery fabric. Do this, instead of applying directly onto the upholstery itself. 

Step 4: Never Saturate Upholstery 

This fourth step may take a while, but the best method for dry cleaning upholstery is blotting it. You should keep working at it, but be aware that you do not saturate the upholstery with too much solvent. 

Step 5: Suck up the solvent area 

Once you remove the stain from the upholstery blot the solvent as much as possible. You cannot rinse the solvent otherwise it will saturate the fabric and sometimes these solvents may leave a ring around the area it is applied to. Grab a damp cloth to suck up as much solvent as possible from the area to avoid ring on the fabric and after that leave it for some time to dry. 

If you want to avoid all these hassles, Call Evergreen Carpet Cleaning, we can help you out with furniture upholstery cleaning. We provide upholstery cleaning services in Mississauga and nearby areas. You can call us at 833-815-2505 to book your appointments. 

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