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Curtain Cleaning Tips For Home

Curtain Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning Tips For Home

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It is good to take self-initiatives for our home cleaning but some time professionals are good at this situation. As it is said, “professionals work at their best”. So are you confused what should you do? Should you prefer professional curtain cleaning or self-curtain cleaning?

Our experts recommend approaching a professional for curtain cleaning once a year. However, for now we will share few curtain-cleaning tips for home:


Dusting your curtain is the best way to stay on top of the dust, a good shake out every time you clean the room. No need of removing from the rail, simply shake them the dust will be dislodge and then vacuum the room thoroughly as you do it always. Remove curtains from rails, dust it, and give a good shake. You can also run your curtains through your tumble dryer with cold air just to get rid of the dust, pollen and pet hairs. Re-hang them immediately to avoid from wrinkling.


Curtain Cleaning Tips


Every vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment that you can use to get rid of the dust on the curtains.  It is very necessary pay little attention to the top of the curtains, including the rails and hooks because it is the area, where most of the dust resides. Do not forget to do the backs of the curtains as well. They will be likely to collecting pollen and dirt blown in through the open windows.


Washing machines can used to wash curtains but before that check the instruction label on the curtain that is it machine washable. Delicate fabrics should be wash through hand or should be handover to the professionals. It is the best idea to have your curtains cleaned professionally if they are too big and heavy. Big and heavy curtain washing in washing machine is not easy because it might not be able to handle it size, especially when it comes to spinning. Re-hang the curtains, as it get dry after washing to prevent wrinkles.

Dry-cleaning is best option.

If you have velvet or wool curtains at your home, the best way to clean is dry-clean. Vacuuming and dust velvet or wool curtains is a good idea but washing them will ruin the look of curtain. Always follow the manufacturer’s product washing instruction, they will tell you whether dry-cleaning is required.

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