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How to Clean Tile and Grout Before Christmas Party?

How to Clean Tile and Grout Before Christmas Party
How to Clean Tile and Grout Before Christmas Party?

Christmas is about to come in a couple of months. It is the season of entertainment with friends and family! We all gather in our homes for a bit of festive cheer as a result, our floor may take a bit more foot traffic than they normally face. In addition, they need to face wet paws, dirty shoes and boots as well, because at this time of year there is a major cause of dirty tile and grout. So, you need to face a constant battle of cleaning. So, preparing your floors for heavier traffic in advance is a great idea. But you might be confused with how to clean tile and Grout before Christmas party? Isn’t it true?

So, don’t worry we have come with the solution and you just need to Follow these simple tips and your tiles will continue to look their best right through the new year.

Begin with a Vacuum

Firstly, run your vacuum cleaners or sweep your tiles. If you don’t have your own vacuum cleaner get it from a rental shop for a day. Sand and grit on the surface will dull the surface and may scratch the surface, so you need to make sure to perform this task at least multiple times a week. Once all that grit is off the floors, you can begin the next step.

Cleaning of Grouts & Tiles

As we all are aware that grouts are porous, it can easily absorb dirt and grease, and this can lead to a dirty looking floor even if your tile is sparkling. Begin with commercial grout cleaning products or mild bleach grout, it can easily eliminate tough stains. Make sure you use protective gloves when using cleaning products and leave the solution for 10 min so it settles down in the grout. Use a small nylon toothbrush to scrub the grout then wipe over and rinse this off to clean your grouts.

We all know natural tile and grout cleaning is the best option for effective results. So, for the toughest stains, make a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Now, apply it directly to the stain then leave to set overnight. Try a specially formulated product just for grout stain removal and follow the direction on the packaging. Then scrub it with a nylon brush in next morning, now let the grout air dry and finish with a  cleaning product according to your availability.

When it comes to tile cleaning make sure you wipe it using a mop and a solution which is gentle on your tiles. If harsh chemical used on tiles it may eliminate the shine of the tiles. So use a suitable tile and grout cleaner and just wipe it off.

Tile and Grout Protection

Once your tile starts looking best and the grouts are gleaming. You need to use a cleaning product which is specifically designed for the type of tiles you have as the last step in protecting them for the party session. We at evergreen also provide protection layer to the grouts. We apply sealants to the grout if you require. There are many colors available in the sealants, the choice is yours which color do you want. Call Evergreen Carpet Cleaning for tile and grout cleaning service. We provide professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Mississauga and nearby areas.

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