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How to Remove Common Stains From the Fabric

Remove Common Stains From the Fabric
How to Remove Common Stains From the Fabric

There are various substance, which can ruin your fabric through stain. Such as drinks, food and sweat can cause stains to your clothing, bedding, carpet and upholstery. From splattering of mud to a split of red wine, stain can occur  from number of accidents and trying to remove a stubborn stain can be a daunting task, especially if doesn’t come out first time and fearing that you have ruined the look of your fabrics.

However, do not worry, rather than throwing away the ruined item, there is always a possible solution to remove a tough stain, no matter how damaged the material look. Our guide given below will help you to remove common stains from the fabric, including, ink, red wine, chocolate, grass, blood, sweat, tomato sauce, oil and mud.

What to select? Cold or Hot Water?

We are often been advice to soak stained fabrics, but should you be using hot or cold water? Use hot water for grease based stain as it helps to loosen the stain and use cold water for dry stains such as grass and chocolate. Adding hot water to a dried on stain could potentially make it worse by setting the stain.


Ink Stain removal

Ink stain are one of the most common stains when it comes to clothing. A leaked pen in your shirt pocket can cause staining to your crisp clean shirt and children can often get felt tip pen all over their clothing. As every problem has a solution, there is a way to effectively remove ink stains from your fabrics.

  • Start by using a clean, dry cloth to blot the ink dry and never wipe or scrub the stain.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on the stain and leave it for ten minutes to let the product get to work.
  • Blot the stain again using a clean, dry cloth and try to remove more of the ink.
  • If cleaning clothing, add to wash as usual. If cleaning carpet, leave to dry before vacuuming.

Red Wine Stain Removal

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to pour white wine over a red wine stain. If you have a beautiful cream carpet where red wine has been split, you may fear that you have ruined your carpet forever, but respond as soon as possible, this will help to save your carpet from unsightly stains.

  • Start by dabbing the spill to soak up any excess wine and avoid rubbing.
  • Pour warm water over the ruined area, sprinkle some salt over the stain, and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove the salt and dab the area with a paper towel to soak up any excess liquid.
  • Apply cleaning solution to the stain and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Blot the area using a cloth to remove the cleaning solution.

Grass Stain Removal

Grass stain are commonly found on clothing. From school uniforms to sports kits, active children can often come home with grass stains all over the clothes, so knowing how to deal with this type of stain is essential to keeping those clothes free from green marks.

  • Start with soaking the cloth into the cold water to soften the stain.
  • Apply laundry detergent to the stain and brush the affected area using a toothbrush.
  • Rinse the laundry detergent from the garment and add to wash as usually.

Blood Stain Removal

Blood is tough stain to remove from fabrics. Accident causes injuries, which often result in clothing, carpet or upholstery becoming stained with blood. However, a blood stain does not necessarily mean the end for your fabric if treated properly.

  • Soak the stained areas as fast as possible with cold water. If a blood stain is left to dry it can become more tough to remove.
  • Using a bar of soap, rub the stain and continue to do so until it starts to fade.
  • Once you have removed as much of the stain as possible, rinse the area using cold water. If treating clothing, launder the garment as usual.

Tomato Sauce Stains Removal

Delicious dishes such as pasta and pizza that include tomato based sauces, which can cause staining to fabrics if they spill. Tomato sauce is other tough stain to deal with, if not treated properly can make a permanent stain.

  • Initially, try and scrape away as much of the excess sauce as possible while trying to avoid rubbing it further into the fabric.
  • Next, pour water to the affected area. Whenever cleaning item of clothing, you should turn the garment inside out while rinsing under the cold water.
  • Apply some laundry detergent on the stain and rub gently using a clean cloth until the stain has faded.
  • If removing a stain from your carpet or upholstery, leave to dry. If cleaning a garment, launder as usual.

Oil and Grease Stain Removal

Talking about engine oil to cooking oil, greasy stains can occur from any number of oily substance. If left greasy, a grease stain can leave an unsightly mark on your clothing, carpet and upholstery, so it is vital that you remove the stain as soon as possible to avoid damage to your fabrics.

  • Start with blotting the stain to remove the excess grease and oil from the affected area.
  • Soak the stain in hot water, which will help to dissolve the grease, make it simpler for you to remove.
  • Then, apply dishwashing agent on the stain and brush the stain using a toothbrush.
  • Once faded, rinse the stain, again using hot water. If cleaning a garment, launder at a high temperature, but make sure to read the washing label before doing so.

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