Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, even though you can do it on your own using a vacuum cleaner, it may not remove all the dirt and dust accumulated, as the vacuum cleaner used at homes is different from the ones used by carpet cleaning companies. Hence, it is advisable to seek the help of professional carpet cleaning company like Evergreen Carpet Cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove both visible and hidden dirt, bacteria and allergens from your carpets. This not only helps to enhance appearance and maintain a clean image that you can be proud of, it also helps prolong the life of your carpet and can even enhance the indoor air quality of your home or business.

Evergreen Carpet Cleaning uses the best carpet cleaning method. That is hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the only carpet cleaning method recommended for residential and commercial carpets.

Truck Mounted and Portable Hot Water Extraction commonly known as “Steam Cleaning”.

Our equipment steam cleaner generates water temperatures up to 230 degrees. The combination of hot water and our non-toxic citrus-based cleaners are able to remove the dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and animal dander that build up over time.

Our citrus-based cleaning solutions are the most advanced products in the market, which will leave your home smelling fresh and your carpeting clean. Moreover, it is safe for your pets and children. The combination of hot water, high pressure, and high velocity vacuum extraction leaves no residue that will re-attract soil.

What you can expect from our carpet cleaning:

  • Hot Water Extraction Method (deep steam cleaning)
  • Professional carpet cleaning equipment
  • We will move all your furniture
  • We will clean under all furniture
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners
  • Dry carpet in minutes
  • Best prices in town
  • You will pay only for the cleaning
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A Deep and Healthy Clean

In our cleaning methods, we use safe and effective citrus-based cleaning solutions that will not harm your family or your pets. We also use the most effective method of cleaning available to clean your carpeting.

Some of Our Results


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