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Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains

Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains
Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains

I am not sure about you, but getting stains on my carpets is a regular occurrence. Whether you have just split a glass of tea or vine on your carpet or you have set in a stain that just will not dislodge, here are simple stain removal tips that you can use in order to help with carpet stain removal. The best time to clean the stain is immediately after the accident has occurred, however if it is too late but still you may able to remove the stain.

Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains

Pet stain Removal

The pet owners whose pets, not trained to poop in particular area usually face pet stain problem. It is likely pet owners have to clean up after their pet at some point.

Clean up the mess. Gently remove pet feces or you can blot the area using paper towel when it is wet. Keep n blotting until the carpet becomes stain free and dry. If you want to go greener cleaning, try using white vinegar, spritzing it on the area to eliminate any odor.

Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains

Coffee Stain Removal

Coffee can make a noticeable stain on your carpet; you can follow the steps given below to remove the stain.

  • Use a dry paper towel to blot up the moisture.
  • Make and use a mixture of vinegar, water and a non-bleach detergent and then spritzing and blotting at the stain.
  • If this solution fails, you need to call a professional carpet cleaner. Make sure they do a test patch somewhere out of the way.

Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains

Blood Stain Removal

If any accident happens in your home and blood ends up on your carpet, the best way to stop penetrating into it is to hustle. Give an immediate response to the bloodstain. It is vital to use cold water when cleaning up blood as this will prevent it from permeating into the carpet fibers. You can follow the steps given below:

  • Take 2tsp of liquid dish detergent and mix it with cold water in a spray bottle to soak the area.
  • Take a dry paper towel and blot the stain until the blood soaks into the cloth.
  • Then rinse the area with cold water and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Simple Stain Removal Tips for Common Carpet Stains

Ink Stain Removal

If a pen or a marker leaks on your carpet, use the following steps to get rid of it.

  • Use isopropyl alcohol to dampen a cloth then dab at the ink stain, do not rub the ink stain, it will do nothing it will just spread.
  • Allow the alcohol to stand for few minutes before you remove any excess moisture with a dry paper towel.
  • If the stain is persistent, you may need to repeat the process multiple times.

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